Conceptual & FEED

Proxion Process’s Concept and FEED services provide a solid foundation for any project.

Proxion Process’ Conceptual & Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) packages set the precedence for achieving optimum value for any process led engineering project whilst keeping effective controls on cost and programme.

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Design service

At Proxion Process, we pride ourselves in doing things right the first time. This is why our comprehensive Concept and Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) studies are conducted by applying standardised procedures and best practices to meet the varied requirements of our clients. We offer conceptual engineering and design expertise on a wide range of facilities and related infrastructure which are essential both in refinery and petrochemical plants. This critical project stage lays the groundwork for follow-on detailed design and construction and the FEED study fixes the design intent which will be subsequently taken forward into detailed design and construction. It is the final opportunity in a project’s life cycle to establish the scope and delivery plan to fully satisfy the business objectives whilst the impact of change is still manageable.

Why Proxion Process?

At Proxion Process, we make it our business to understand your priorities from the very start. Our skilled professionals span a diverse range of disciplines to assist you in defining your project scope. Proxion Process’ experienced engineers provides a work team that is consistent from one project to the next. It is very important for good FEED Work to establish mutual trust and respect and maintain good communication. Proxion Process thrives on establishing a good communication, mutual trust and respect with our clients which has been a culture developed through relationship with our clients.

Safety First (HSE)

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