Front End Engineering (FEED) Packages

FEED (Front End Engineering Design) means basic engineering which is conducted after completion of conceptual design or a feasibility study. At this stage, before the start of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), various studies take place to figure out technical issues and estimate rough investment cost.


FEED packages generally include:

  • Basis of Design
  • Definitive P&IDs
  • Main equipment process data sheets
  • Provisional Valve, Line and Tie in Schedules
  • Provisional Equipment and Instrument data sheets
  • Risk Register
  • Definitive Project Execution Plan, which may include: HSE plan, Contracting and procurement strategy, construction HSE plan
  • General Arrangements Drawings for main equipment and main pipework.
  • Cost estimating and schedule
  • Identification and investigation of long lead items
  • Risk Register

Safety First (HSE)

Proxion Process HSE