Simulation & Modelling

Proxion Process’ engineers have significant expertise and experience in process simulation and modelling using a variety of industry standard packages.

Mathematical models are the centre piece of all model predictive control techniques. Their quality determines the overall control performance. Our staff, with a background in chemical engineering, are capable of process modelling using first-principle approaches as well as a combination of these with artificial intelligence tools. Using advanced control tuning techniques, our team is able to determine or estimate the parameters of the process system model.


Simulation is a valuable tool for the process design and analysis. Also, it is widely used for teaching and training purposes enabling the students to get hands-on experience in process operation. Proxion Process is ready to offer process simulation services from conceptual design, to troubleshooting of existing applications. The software we choose to use will be dependent on the application and the difficulty of the task.

Technical support and maintenance

In order to achieve best results, advanced control systems may need periodic maintenance. Besides, changes in the controller may be needed because of a modification in the process. Proxion Process is ready to carry out such works on a contract or a one time fee basis.

Custom software development

Each client is unique and has specific needs and may consequently benefit from specially developed software, such as statistical analysis modules, process control database integration with existing ones, fault technology creation and implementation, inferential/soft sensors and custom developed GUI.

Additionally, we provide consulting services in process optimisation and in traditional process control. Always remember that we can perform an economical evaluation of your specific process at no charge, and hence determine if and how the implementation of our solutions may improve it. Do not hesitate to contact us at Our innovative “modus operandi” also allows us to deliver economically viable advanced control solutions to small and medium enterprises that traditionally did not use this technology.

What Software do you use?

Proxion Process has access to numerous industry recognised software’s such as:

• Aspen Hysys
• SimSci Pro II
• Chemcad
• Winsim
• Aspen Plus

We may use one or several of these software’s depending on the project complexity.

Dynamic Simulation

Our dynamic modeling capabilities include:

• Basic and Complex Process Modeling and Simulation
• Equipment & Systems Modeling

Proxion Process’ engineers have the full capabilities and experience to model and simulate the following refinery units:

• Crude Distillation Units
• Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Units
• Catalytic Reforming Units
• Delayed Coker Units
• Sulfur Recovery Units
• Naphtha Hydrotreater Units
• Hydrocracker Units
• Hydrogen Plants
• Amine Treating Units
• Sour Water Stripper Units
• Steam Utilities Model

Proxion Process’ Equipment and Systems Modeling capabilities include:

• Piping, Valves &a Vessels
• Pumps & Compressors
• Turbines & Motors
• Gas Fired Heaters
• Heat Exchangers & Cooling Towers
• Instrumentation & Control
• Boilers & Furnaces
• Reactors
• Utility Systems

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