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Refinery feasibility study from Proxion Process

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Development of a green field oil refinery is a very capital intensive venture; hence the execution of proper feasibility studies at the very first step becomes imperative. A refinery feasibility study assesses the operational, technical and economic merits of a proposed refinery development project. Proxion Process is available to carry out and provide comprehensive Feasibility Study Report on refinery development to interested parties. Proxion Process have the required tools, expertise and personnel to provide informed decisions and recommendations relevant to key areas such as:

  • Crude production potential
  • Refinery size
  • Refinery configuration
  • Development framework – single stage, multi-stage
  • Location
  • Financing options
  • Social and environmental assessment
  • Comparative analysis of constructing a refinery versus a crude export pipeline (or product import pipeline), among others.

Other contents of the overall refinery feasibility study report would normally include the following sections:

  • Market Survey of refined products
  • Petroleum product demand analysis
  • Attendant infrastructure
  • Financial Analysis
  • Impact of refinery development, among others.

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